How to monitor third party component updates?


In the service studio, if we are using the built-in component made by the outsystems, any changes made from that component will automatically notify us before publishing the app that we need to update first the dependencies involved. This feature is very nice and helpful.

Question, is this behavior will be the same if we use a third-party component?

If not, is there a tool we can use or at least a recommendation how we can apply such behavior for third-party component update notification.


Hello Dondon.

That is standard behavior on Service Studio. If any reference you use is updated, you will get a warning.

-any component you download from the forge will be monitored by Service Studio that will let you know on entry page when there is a new version available.

-any component you edit/create locally will trigger warnings inside the consumer projects.

Is that what you want to know?


Hi Nuno,

Thanks for the quick response.

To clarify what you mentioned, Any component (third party) downloaded from forge or a component created locally will automatically get a notification through a warning that it needs to be updated in case there is a change/modification.

Am I correct on this?