About SingleLogout on "IdP" module.

Hi, all.

I'm trying to implement Single Logout flow with "IdP" module.

We set required configurations, but It does'nt seem to work well.

Current status is when I click the Logout button, the Screen redirects to the Logout Screen but the authentication doesn't expire...

If I access the application again without closing the browser, I open the app without asking the authentication...

If I click the Logout button and close the browser, It works well.

The IdP module requires the authentication again,

What I want to do is when I open the app again after Logged out the app, I want IdP module to require the end-user authentication.

What I changed are following.


Changed it to our module name.

·ADFS configuration

·IdP module Configuration

I even tried the Bind is POST, but didn't work.

Are there any missing configuration?

Thnaks in advance

Hi Yukuiya!

I didn't get what you've changed in IdP_SingleLogout_URL; you should call this action to get the Identity Provider URL, and then, redirect user to this URL, following the doc:


You also need to verify if the IdP allows Logout initiated by the SP through SAML

Another tip is to check Logs page in IdP component; it could give some additional info. This is available in <your host>/IdP/SamlMessageLogs.aspx