List.Length and Table Record Line Count


I have a table record widget that I limit the line count to 5 records to display per pagination. 

When i run the webapp, the table records displays 5 records which is correct but when i get the length of the list it gives me 6 instead of 5

Thank you in advance

Hi Miguel,

That's correct.  The line count is the amount of records retrieved by the aggregate and brought back to the client.  The platform decides how many to retrieve based on many things, for example the line count of the widget(s) displaying the list.

You don't have to worry about this difference.  They probably use it as a way of knowing if more record are available in the database and what the next record is.

Is this causing any problems for you, or is this just out of curiousity ?


Hi Miguel,

As per my understanding it is probably calculating 0-5 i.e. length is 6 correct as shown in the screen shot. 

Why don't you try with the count 4 & let's see. 

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