Error Installing Community Edition

Error Installing Community Edition

When i install the Community Edition, i got "Installation could not be completed!"?

it stop's with:
[09.09.2009 10:44:10] Compiling Service Center eSpace...
[09.09.2009 10:47:28] Message 1
[09.09.2009 10:47:28] Id : InternalError_Exception
[09.09.2009 10:47:28] Type : Error
[09.09.2009 10:47:28] Message : Internal Error
[09.09.2009 10:47:28] Submitable : True
[09.09.2009 10:47:28] Details :
[09.09.2009 10:47:28] Invalid compiler output

(rest of the logging is attached)
Does anyone have a solution for this?

Kind regards,
Matthias Pretuer

Hi Matthias,



First of all, thanks for testing the Community Edition!


From the log file, it seems the Service Center publish failed with a timeout on the SQL Server. It might have happen because your desktop/laptop was too busy during the installation process. Can you please try running the installation again?




Thank you! it's installed now