Embedded Change Technology (ECT) and Agile Network Projects - New access methods



Due to recent changes and performance enhancements in the OutSystems Agile Network, we had the need to deploy new access methods when integrating Embedded Change Technology (ECT) and Agile Network Projects (ANP). Integration between ECT in customer environments and ANP is done via Web Service calls, either via HTTP or HTTPS. The new access methods are reflected in updated URLs for this integration, and these need to be updated in the proper configuration in order to keep correct behavior of this feature.


This affects all environments that are currently integrating their ECT feedback with ANP, but especially all the environments integrating via HTTPS.



New access methods


The URLs for integration of ECT with ANP are the following:

  • HTTP method: http://ect.outsystems.com/ECT_Server_Connector/ECT_Server_WS.asmx
  • HTTPS method: https://ect.outsystems.com/ECT_Server_Connector/ECT_Server_WS.asmx

The old HTTP access method (http://apps.outsystems.com/...) is now officially deprecated and may stop working at any time without any warning from OutSystems.

The old HTTPS access method (https://apps.outsystems.com/...) is now officially obsolete and no longer works for integration with ANP.



How to reconfigure ECT


A new revision of ECT (4.2.11) has meanwhile been released by OutSystems and it fixes the access methods, so if you are deploying ECT for the first time in your environments, you can skip the step below. However, if you already have ECT in your environments, please follow the instructions below.


To reconfigure ECT, you need to change the effective URL of the web reference used for integration with ANP. This is done in eSpace ECT_Client_Connector in each of the environments/platforms. See attached picture for details.


After having changed the effective URL, you need to republish ECT_Client_Connector eSpace so the change becomes effective.



What if there are pending feedbacks that were not sent to ANP


In case you detect feedbacks that have not yet been sent to ANP, after you apply the changes above, you might need to increase the value of the site property MaximumDaysToTrySync (from eSpace ECT_Client_Connector) so that the sync mechanism may be applied to some older feedbacks.



I have a question that is not answered above


Feel free to post it here and it will get answered as soon as possible. You might also want to contact OutSystems Product Support at support@outsystems.com

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