Removed block-level CSS causes "Resource Not Versioned" warning

Good day to you guys!

I have a core widget module being consumed by my end-user module. As I was designing the UI of the widgets I use the CSS part of the block I am tweaking. Now, after getting the right feel that I want I move it in the themes module. The problem happened when I forgot to clear up the CSS definitions in my block before publishing, and as I cleaned it up afterwards the end-user module shows a warning upon the next publish:

Resource Not Versioned

The resource '/XX_Block/css/XX_Block.XX.XXX.css' of the producer module 'XX_Block' was not found in the application cache. Please republish 'XX_Block' to prevent runtime errors.

The warning disappears if I just write something in the CSS part of the block, but the intention was to clear it up in the first place so it is not the solution I wanted.

I tried republishing and redeploying the modules but the warning persist.

Does anyone encountered and resolved this issue before?

Thanks in advance!

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