Is it possible to have sub-tenant of a tenant?

I have scenario where a tenant can have sub-tenant. I have a following scenario


  • Tenant A (TA)
    • TA Users
    • Sub-Tenant A 1 (STA1)
      • STA1 Users
    • Sub-Tenant A 2 (STA2)
      • STA2 Users
  • Tenant B(TB)
    • TB Users
    • Sub-Tenant B (STB)
      • STB Users

So the data isolation I want is if a top tenant user logged in lets say TA user then he/she should be able to view data of all sub tenant of TA. On the other hand if a user is logged in as STA then he/she should be able to see  only data of STA.

I want to know if data isolation for this scenario is supported out of the box or not? If not how can I approach this so that I have to do minimal work to filter data for sub-tenant.

Tenants of a tenant doesn't exist within Outsystems, be it there isn't' any reason why you couldn't achieve this yourself by creating an extension to Tenancy entities. 

You will likely need to replicate and customise the Tenant Manager app to manage your sub-tenancy and user association.

No that concept does not exists in OutSytems. You can define and use tenants. Not tenants in tenants. But I see no reason you could not implement what you want. You would need to make a custom tenant manager app in which you can maintain the multi level structure. When you need to query data for all subtenants of a tenant you will have to ensure you correctly filter this.

Nuno Verdasca

Thanks guys. I will look into this.

Hi Zeeshan,

If your tenants have concepts like region/branch and you want isolated access for them where the tenant can see all, and the region or branch only 'their' data you could consider to implement the concepts as described in the following document: