Error in TextToInteger(NotifyGetMessage())


When setting Text Integer (Notify Get Message ()) the system returns an error (on printscreen)

Can anyone help me, please?

Hi António,

Access your dependencies by clicking on the middle icon here

then make sure the dependencies for NotifyGetMessage are active:

Then, depending on your OutSystems version, you may have to write Deprecated_NotifyGetMessage - the Notify mechanism was deprecated in version 11 in favor of Events, but is still regular in 10.

Hello Antonio,

Thanks for asking a question.

The function is now called Deprecated_NotifyGetMessage(). Be sure to open up Manage Dependencies and reference the function (see below image).

There is now a newer and more convenient way to notify, that is using events.  I recommend reading about them here

I hope this helps!

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Hi António,

In version 11 of the Platform, that Action is deprecated, and hence has been renamed to Deprecated_NotifyGetMesage():

You can still use it though.

EDIT: Ninja'd by two other people :). In addition to their suggestion of using the Manage Dependencies, you could use the "Add Dependency..." option from the context menu when right-clicking on a Folder or Module in the tree on the Logic tab. It's especially useful when searching for something you don't know the location of.

Hi, In a version 11, the action's name is Deprecated_NotidyGetMessage, search in the 'Manage Dependencies'


@Leonardo: that answer was already given three times, please reply only if you have something useful to add, thanks.