Hi everyone,

I'm using Firebase plugin to have the ability of push notifications on my app.

But as everyone know when it's the first time of installing an mobile app and receiving a notification for the first time it normally asks for the acceptance of the android permission to receive notifications.

Instead of this I want to force that request of android permission after the splash screen.

I already tried the Android Permissions Plugin, it works for other kinda of permissions like access files or camera, etc but the plugin does not have available the "ACCESS_NOTIFICATION_POLICY" I tried to use some javascript that the plugin offers but it gives an error "Permission is not defined".

I'm asking for your help on how to resolve this issue.

Any help will be appreciated.

Hi Daniel ,

ACCESS_NOTIFICATION_POLICY permission is not defined in cordova permission plugin .

Due to which you are getting error "Permission is not defined".

From below link you can check there is not such permission in cordova plugin .


If you have worked in cordova plugin then you can create your own plugin and then create your own extension .

If you need any help ,do let me know.


Our app is both Android and iOS and it's not showing it requires any permissions upon install, but we need it to say that it requires notifications and gps access. How do you achieve this in OutSystems? Is there any manifest file or something we're missing?