datePiker show icon when the user has work for that day

i m using a datepiker that is allows open.

I need to add icon to the days when the user is occupied like the image bellow can this be done?

don't need to be this icon, just something to show that the user is occupied.


Hi Bruno,

Assuming you're using the OutSystems datepicker, you could use the AdvancedFormat input and then feed the widget with a list of your special dates. The Javascript component documentation mentions an "events" array input that should be what you need.

I've tested it out here and it's highlighting next Monday (16 Dec) nicely.



 it works i created a list of variables DateTime and added to the EventList of the DatePicker.

No problem. If you ever want to do anything with OutSystems widgets that isn't covered by "normal" inputs, look for anything named "Advanced" and you can usually get more access to the component through there.