[WISH] Categorize this forum

[WISH] Categorize this forum



I don't know if it's just me but I get a little bit annoyed by the classification of this forum. I've made some point I'll think that can be approved:

1) Search

When I can't figure something out, I first look if I can find a solution or suggestion at the forum. While looking through the results there are a lot of topics that where made for older versions. In the search results this ain't visble right away so halfway reading the topic (while some time not understanding the question and answer of that topic) it became viseble that this was for an older version (now understand why I first didn't understand the question and answer) and not relevant for my version (so some time wased).

Maybe it's possible to categorize topic's by versions (and the user can make a selection out a predefined list while making a new topic). You should also can advanced the selection by (for example) if its a extension, service studio, service center problem.

2) Categorize by skill

I can remeber that there was a forum that was categorized but i can only remember a selection for newbies. While being on the forum I can't have a overview of....while everything.....Sometimes I'll look at other topic's to see if I maybe can help someone else. But after clicking 3 topics that have other kind of problem I'm like: ' just let it go, takes more time to find then give somewhere an answer' .

Maybe it's possible to categorize the forum by some levels of expertice so people can see quicker if they can help people. For example I'm not an expert but I can answer some newbie questions. Also know that there are enough people who don't read other topic or give a solution but every question answer is one (and can take a little bit of time of outsystems people).

3) Categorize by item/problem

In the forum there is mix of so much together....I see all kind of questions varying from installing, integration to wishes. Also see some topic's from outsystems people who say something interesting and give tip's about a sertain subject.

Maybe it's possible to categorize it with: WISH items, Intergration problems, installing problems, tips from outsystems and maybe a example section (where people can find examples of thing being done).

I don't know if outsystems already had a idea to change the forum and I don't want to say that the forum is bad because I did find a lot of solutions, but I think it can be so much better. This will save a users a lot of time finding a solution to the problem they where searching for. Now I just get annoyed see one 'container' with to much topic's and try to avoid the forum. This is my personal experience but some colleague of mine do agree with me.

Hope you'll see it as a good feedback ;-)
I like this idea. This could help to quick find some topic.
This could be done by using tags for each topic!
Agree; this is a topic that I've also communicated to Support.
Hey Guys...come on, use the hands icon to vote instead of +1 :)

Great idea!!!

+1 :)