Whats the best way to configure Life time for our environment

Hi All,

We are bringing new project environments to handle major release and use the existing environments as maintenance. Its on-premise installation and we do not have Life time so far.

If we have to configure Life time considering with new environments 

1. Can we configure Life time with this complex structure ?

2. What would be the best pipe line configuration for these environments ?

My thought is to have Life time for only Project environment and manage maintenance environment with Service center with the way we handle currently.

Hi Prabhu,

What you would need is LifeTime supporting multiple streets (which it currently does not).

Have a look at this idea and the discussing below for examples where people manage different streets with LifeTime(s).



Hi Nordin,

Thanks for your reply and pointing out on the discussions. I would have been more happier if that was possible.

With current situation as is- as discussed on the idea should i be managing with 2 life time here ?

If so since the PRD is same server between these two environments and lets say i have deployed through Life time 1 would it not report to apply the hot fix in Life time 2 ? But still i think i can deploy without issues in Life time 2 or will it ask me to fix it ?

Hi Prabhu,

I’m not sure to be honest, but I think it would be possible to setup two streets with two LifeTime’s in which you register the same PRD server. However, I’m not sure how LT’s version control would react to applications deployed from different QA servers.

Personally, I would setup two separate streets for your situation, each managed by a dedicated LifeTime server (requirement for platform 11) and add a second PRD server for the Proj street in order to prevent possible conflicts.