Firebase: Loading message when you open an app from closed state


So I have an OutSystems mobile app, with Firebase configured. I am receiving the notification on both 'background' and 'foreground' state of the app. So there is no issue with the plugin and everything is as expected. I am sending the full payload in the 'Data' part of the FCM.

However, if my app is not open, I get the notification on my system tray. But, if I dont click on the notification and I log into the app, the notification is not loaded. Essentially, once the message is delivered to the device, the system tray catches it, so the notification is not available in the Firebase Notification Listener anymore. Unless I click on the notification, is there another way to request for messages/notifications from Firebase on opening the app?

Given that your question is Firebase-specific, you might have better luck asking the question in the support forum for that component (here's the link to Firebase Mobile support forum):