Outsystems Service Studio on MacOS

Hello guys,

Currently I am developing with Outsystems with a Macbook for the first time. I know about the known issue that were stated in the documentation about Outsystems IDE in macbook. But, there are some issue that I was experiencing in developing in MacOS:

1. Sometimes I cannot open the aggregates preview or Entities preview in the studio. The screenshot can be seen in attached file. 

2. The dialog box in editing datatype, manage dependencies, or just message box for information, did not show anything. Just a blank white dialog box with an X button in top right corner.

Are these already known issue for Outsystems team? Or these are a new things? Or there is already a workaround for solving these issue?

Thank you

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Which MacOS? Catalina is not supported.

Hello Swantara,

I am currently using MacOS High Sierra Ver. 10.13.2.

Ohh, That really sounds a bug. 

Hi Hentry,

I suggest you contact outsystems support to assist you with this issue.

Nuno Verdasca

Hello All,

Thank you for your response. I have already sent a ticket for this. Just to ensure if this is a common issue or not in MacOS. 

Thanks again.

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