Other methods to create users besides User Application


Besides using the Users Application to create users, is there functionality within Service Studio to create a screen that can allow end-users to create Users for themselves? In one of my applications (e-commerce) I want end-users to be able to create their own User credentials (profile) that will store the transaction data associated with the user. I have created a Registration screen with a form and inputs; Name, Username, Password,  Email and Phone Number; using the attributes from the User entity as data types of the inputs, as a basic registration/sign up process to create users credentials for end-users. 

The logic I implemented in the action flow works correctly and it does create and adds a new record in the User entity and updates the User application with the new user. The problem I'm experiencing is that when I use the new user credentials created to log in the application it doesn't grant access. Remember in the action flow after the CreateUser server action I assign a GrantRole (ClientRole, I have disabled Annonymous and Registed roles) to that new UserId. What could be blocking the new User credentials from accessing the application? 


Hi Malebo,

The Users is the functionallity provided by the OutSystems platform.

You can however build your own logic to do this.

The users entity and related entities are accessible by means of an the Users API.

To grant roles by code to a user you can check out Create and use roles




Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the information. I have looked at the documentation and it's actually very useful.