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I'm having trouble with a dropdownselect widget combined with a combobox. The issue I have is that there are roughly 1500 records where a user can choose from. The SearchResultsLimit default (10) is fine to limit the options, but this only works after a user searches. On screen entry, with the search field blank too many options are shown. Is there any way to configure the options shown before a user starts searching?

I've added the DropDownSelect widget as dependency from the OutsystemsUIWeb, do I have to configure this in that module?

I've tried max. records in the preperations aggregate but this does not affect the outcome. 

In your query to feed the dropdown, limit the max records to 10, and then you will only show the first 10.


Nuno Verdasca

By default, when you fetch data, the Aggregate comes with a Max Records of 50, as I might guess that is the issue here.
I did a small test and managed to put 100 records with an Aggregate  in a dropdown.

Hope I could help,

Nuno Verdasca

Hi Nuno,

Thanks for answering so quickly.

I've thought that before! I've tried limiting the max records shown:

However this doesnt affect the outcome so far: 

Also, I've filtered on ID=nullidentifier, which should leave the whole form blank but still the top record get's selected on page entry. Which makes me believe I'm not configuring this form widget correctly. 

The mistake I made is in the form widgets attribute Source Record list. I believe I'll be able to figure it out from here. 

Thanks for the pointers!

You don't have to say thank you, you had a question and based on your question I tried to help you with the solution to your problem.

So I suppose this question, in the light of the question you are asking yourself, has been resolved?

Nuno Verdasca

Yes, it's solved! On to the next issue now :-)

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