Import Twitter feed

Import Twitter feed

HI guys

I'm having some troubles to import a atom feed from twitter API search.

Take this as example:

It returns a xml but I'm not able to reader. My main goal is to retrieve the date, message and user from each returned entry.

How can I do this with XML extension? I'm not having success using it to import a XML and parse it.

Can you provide me a quick example?


Hi Carlos,


You can first use RichMail.HttpGet() action to get the contents and then use the XML extension to parse it.



Tiago Simões

Thanks but that's not the issue.

I don't know how to use XML extension to import files. The sample that I have only explain how to parse xml to a direct struct. Isn't possible to do using the other methods? But I don't know how to use it. Can you provide me a simple sample.

If you put only the structure, I can figure it out the rest.

I'm working with 4.1.

I am confused what you exactly want to achieve.

all I know, the xml-extension is a simple xml-extension and a lot of xml stuff you cannot do with it.
but you can simply extend the extension yourself to do whatever you want.

importing files is not implemented in the extension, so you have to do it yourself, which is pretty easy ofc.
Right, I agree with you.

But I'm doing the import method but I don't know which methods should I use from XML extension.

How would you do a function to parse this xml to a struct?

I'm really newbie using XML extension.
anyone got it working yet?

I tried rss-feed, atom-feed but they fail both to grab the results.