Problem in Developing my App

Hello Members,

I have been working on a project where I am planning to take my business online, But I am facing challenges I thought to build a web platform but someone suggested me to go with an app.

I am facing a problem in coding and fixing bugs.

Is there anyone who can help me with the best to do it?

Hi Vijay,

It is unclear from your description what your problem is and if at all it has to do with OutSystems.

You have to describe what you try to develop in OutSysyems and what problem you are facing. If possible supply screen shots or an .OML file to illustrate your problem.



Hi Vijay,

Are you developing an OutSystems app yourself for your business? 

If yes, just make sure you don't use personal environment as this is not ment to be used for production apps. For any problem that you are facing please share the details of the error/ use case so that we can help you here in forum.