If-Statement comparing entities

Hi there,

I am still rather new to OS, I developed a few webforms, creating database entries and lists and now got to an issue to add a special expression in one of the lists. Unfortunately, I was not able to figure it out and would be happy if someone can help me out.

In the attached oml I want to create an expression which specifies whether a lease object is occupied or not. My approach was to do this with the help of adding a forumla in the aggregate which checks whether the id of the lease object is found in the contractinformation (it is linked to here with a foreign key). If the lease obeject (id) is found in the contract information, it should be true (i.e. occupied), otherwise false. Can anyone help me to rewrite the formula so that it compares the entities (lease object and contract information with foreign key lease object) and provides me with the desired result?

Thank you



Hi Florian,

Please check the below screenshot with a formula which checks if the Contract Info is existing for Lease Object 


Hi Gopi,

As simple as that!

Thanks a lot! I really need to work on my logical thinking skills to figure this out on my own.