Style class "is--sticky" not working

I currently have a Navigation\BottomBarItem enclosed within a container and I have selected the "is--sticky" property for that container. Are there any prerequisites in order to get the style class working? As of now, giving the container the style class of "is--sticky" does nothing. 


Which framework are you using? The Bottom bar item isn't part I think of the new OutSystems UI framework but comes from older mobile patterns.

The is--sticky class is part of the navigation bar widget from outsystems UI and is used if you set the property Is fixed.



I'm using Version 11.0.606.0 for mobile development purpose. How do I then set the property to "-isFixed"? Because it is not included in the dropdown provided. Or do you have any tips on how to go about the problem? Can I not do anything with my bottomNav to make it sticky on the bottom of the screen?