Service center Log-in Credentials disappears On-Prem installation

Good day, I am setting up my on premise outsystems environment, and I have this weird error. I can log-in my account credentials in service center normally, but after a few days i cannot log-in. this happens all the time. I reinstalled my environment again, then after a few days, i cannot log-in again. can anyone tell me whats happening to my environment?

Hi Marvei,

My first guess is that you have a timer running in the background that does a synchronization of the users and in the source, you have a different account than the one you use initially.

When this is not the case, please elaborate a bit more on which extra steps you did after a fresh install of the platform. 

  • Did you install some forge components? 
  • Did you upload a solution? 
  • Did you configure something?
  • Did you do something else that might clarify this behavior?

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga