[Wish] New Built-in Action

[Wish] New Built-in Action

Could you consider creating a "ListClear" action? It would be very usefull when we need to clear an entire RecordList.
I agree somewhat, although the current workaround is also ok for me at least.

(assign a local variable to a record-list of that type)

when you need to clear, just assign it to that local variable.
Hi Joost,

I also do that. In fact, I do another step. I use a "ListDuplicate" on the empty variable and then assign the "ListDuplicate.List" to the variable I want to clear. To avoid pointers ruining my "clean" variable.

But I would prefer to have that functionality in a "ListClear" action.
Vote+1: But ListDuplicate is also a good workaround.
Good Idea Votes: +1