How to destroy the screen forcefully after navigating to another screen

I have a case in my mobile app where I want to navigate from screen 'A' to screen 'B' on a button click and after that I want to destroy the screen 'A' so that user should not come back to Screen 'A' if he presses the back button on the screen 'B'. 

Hi Pankaj Jain,

There's no such thing as "destroy the previous screen" as screens in OutSystems Mobile apps are dynamically created at runtime via JavaScript (it's an SPA using ReactJS).

You can change the "hamburger menu" block's input to not show the back option (by default I believe it's set to Auto) but the back button on Androids would likely still go back to the previous screen A.

Maybe you could leverage the History Web API to remove the screen A from the navigation history?

Hope this helps!