Can an user add/change translations through the webapp?

Hello everyone :)
i'm working on a Traditional WebApplication and our customer wants to add/change translations through the webapp.
There is a way to implement this feature? 

Hi Aniello,

You have to provide the translations yourself using the Translations Editor.

Here are the steps described on how to make an application multilingual, it explains how to create the translations and how to set the current locale of your application to the language of your choice.

OutSystems does not translate for you. You have to provide the translations at design time, then at runtime using the SetCurrentLocale build in function the application can be shown in the language you choose.

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Hi Aniello,

It's possible, but you won't be able to use the OutSystems translation tools in Service Studio - they only work at compile time, every time your customer wanted to change translations they'd have to open Service Studio and republish the application.

You'd have to build your own translation tool managed in a backoffice. Essentially, you'd keep a set of Entities translating all of your application strings alongside a unique code, and everywhere in the application you'd like to translate, instead of writing the actual string, you'd use an action that fetches the correct translation from your database.

I believe this is how mobile/reactive application translations is done at the moment. You could check the Forge source code for some ideas on how to get started.