Server action changes applicable for all web screens or not?


I am new to this outsystems and i have a doubt regarding server actions. If a CRUD action is happened then the record of a particular aggregate will be updated. Whether that updated record changes from one web screen to another or not?

No The record is unchanged until you edit that one.

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But If you are doing crud operations inside that server action and using that in many screens that will affect the datas.

Server action changes applicable to all web screens or not?

Hi, sravan kumar vakati,

If you make changes in server action, Changes will be affected in all web screens where you used that server action.

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Ok. Here i have used a CRUD action inside a screen action and by that create entity action one record is updated in an aggregate. So if i use same aggregate in one more screen/server action for that same record ID whether the values of record will be changed or not?


1. If you changed the server action, the code will be reflected in the application,

2. If you do CRUD, after commit to the database, this will change the underlying table and all web screens will see same records.

3. If a web screen read old records then all you need to do is to drop widget refresh data and ajax refresh