I am trying to develop a Web system using Outsystems 11.

So far its so good but I have a question.

I am trying to develop a screen where it displays, say 5, records from a People File.

On the same screen but below those 5, I want to display the contents of 2 related files - address and contact information underneath each other. So the final screen would effectively have 3 sections down the screen - People, Address and Contacts. The values of the related files are different for every different person and so I want to be able to display the info. related to the People record the user is currently looking at.

So if the user clicks into another People record, I want the related files to automatically refresh and show the info for that different person.

I have created the screen using 3 TableRecord widgets. one for each of the 3 tables.

The preparation of the screen, reads the People file and the 2 related ones without a problem. What I cant find a way to do is have the related files refresh when the user moves to them.



Hello SteveS,

Use the web block and pass the input parameter to that web block as userId. On the web blcok preparation use your logic.

Hope this will work in your case.