Inconsistent device behavior - Reactive web app

Hi all,

We are experiencing a strange issue with our reactive web app. 

Our app has a server action which fetches a very small amount of data (1 row of data to be exact) from the OutSystems DB using a standard aggregate. 

The data returned is used in a long client action which runs multiple server actions. 

When using my iPhone 5, the app works fine in both safari and chrome (both on my home wifi and mobile network). 

When using a colleagues Samsung device (relatively new), we keep having the server action timeout (on both the native browser and chrome, with both wifi and mobile network). 

We debugged the server action and were able to catch all of my requests from my iPhone. We could not catch any of the Samsung devices server calls except for one occasion where we went from our offices wifi to the mobile network. There after we could not catch any of the Samsung's calls regardless of the circumstances. 

We cannot pinpoint what the issue is. Has anyone experienced these kinds of inconsistencies with their reactive web apps? How can we mitigate them? 


Hi Nicholas,

Are you sure the office wifi isn't blocking access?