Button with Default is true ( Is it a bug?)

I create a popup like the picture. 

webblock1 is displayed when some condition is ok.

I use ajax refresh to refresh webblock1.

I find when i press entery key in [Input] box , I got javascript error like this :

 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token 'return'

I inspect the Input , i find the javascript code is generated by outsystems.
Is it a bug ? why two [return] is in the code?

onkeydown="return OsEnterKey('BaseTheme_wt2_block_wtMainContent_wt1_wt26_wtSearchButton', arguments[0] || window.event)return OsEnterKey('BaseTheme_wt2_block_wtMainContent_wt1_wt26_wtSearchButton', arguments[0] || window.event)"

Thank you , very much


Mmm, I vaguely recall having seen this before, but I don't remember what the solution was, if any...


We are seeing this exact issue on Platform Server 10.0.900.0.

I wonder if this is something specific to this version. Could you share with us which Platform version you are running?


I am having the same issue in 10.0.1013 version.

When i go to the second time to the input and focus, i have two keydown events and the sam error in console.

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token 'return'

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