master detail that goes three levels deep

I have a need to do a master detail that goes three levels deep. Since the associated tables are too long to do a lookup combobox, I would like to see a web screen that displays the edit record widget at the top, with the associated “detail” records using the table widget, directly below the edit record widget.

Then I need for it add a new “detail” record from a link on that same web screen, or edit a particular “detail” record via a link on a particular record shown within the “detail” table. I will need to go three levels deep. See structure below:

Web Screen 1 - Master List
Master table widget

Web Screen 2 - Master Edit-Detail List
Master edit widget
Detail table widget

Web Screen 3 - Detail Edit-SubDetail List
Detail edit widget
SubDetail table widget

Web Screen 4 - SubDetail Edit-SubSubDetail List
SubDetail edit widget
SubSubDetail table widget

Web Screen 5 - Edit-SubSubDetaill
SubSubDetail edit widget

Any idea if this is possible with the framework? Or is there a better way to accomplish same such as the tree widget? Thanks.

 Hi Don,


Have you checked the Style Guide training video in the Academy section?

There you can understand how to use the styleguide template to do a master-details screen and then you can just repeat that screen for subsequent details.



Tiago Simões