I prepared a christmas surprise for everyone!

Hello everybody!

It's almost x-mas/new years (and I haven't been very active on the forum, but with good reason!).

I have made..... a GAME!
Just using outsystems :)

Though it's just a simple RPG game, it's randomly generated everytime!
It shows how you can even create games with outsystems, isn't that amazing?


I hope you all can have a good time before the year ends.

I would love to see some high scores in this thread, haha.

- Cheers and tons of love.

Merry x-mas to you and thank you for your sharing! :)

I'm proud to announce that I have balanced the game and added a save/load function, plus some QoL updates.

It does seem that sometimes the sever dies and goes offline, but with the new save function you can easily reload your game if this happens :) 

It was fun making something like this, it's all purely random generated, with some fun formula's for stat upgrades.

I would love to make something again in the future, so if anybody wants to colaborate on something, feel free to send me a message.

The goal of this was to show people that you can easily make games with outsystems 11 using react, I love games myself and I would love to see some more on the forge or the forums!

Cheers, Joey.

Hi Joey.

This looks great. You should put it in the Forge.

Nuno Reis wrote:

Hi Joey.

This looks great. You should put it in the Forge.

Haha, I will probably not, though the random map generator is a bit interesting, it's not rocket science, it's using X,Y coordinates to draw a random map (just drawing room after room so it's certain you can finish the maze) and then just adds a ton of random enemies and items on top of it.

I also added some graphics, so it's more appealing to look at.