How to access messages in ios ?

I want to access messages in ios to get the OTP and extract it from the message

how could I do that ?

I don't know if I understand what you want ... But I'm developing an application with OTP, and when I get the message with the code to validate the phone number, both of them:

- or I press the text box where I have to enter the code, and iOS itself knows that the message it received has a code to put there, and suggests putting that code;

- or go to the phone messages, and see what the code is and valid.

I certainly didn't understand your question. Can you be more explicit?


Nuno Verdasca

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All i want is to access the message through a plugin as in android i use sms cordova plugin to access the sms message and deal with it, is there any plugin that give me access to read an sms messsge ?