Tip: Make CSS and JS script changes faster

To change CSS or JavaScript files faster you can access:


\\<server_name>\c$\Program Files\OutSystems\Platform Server\test\<eSpaceName>\<username>


and change these files directly (you'll need file and share access permission).


Another idea is to use the Firebug extension for firefox to test your changes.


Once you are happy with the results you can apply those changes in JS and CSS to your eSpace and do 1-Click Publish.



Tiago, thanks
Note: If you run into problems with windows security/permission, download and install the attached file.

Once installed go to c:\Program Files\OutSystems\Platform Server\test\<eSpaceName>
click right on your <username> directory and select "take ownership" you will now be able to edit and save any files in your eSpace directory.