I want to create trigger for outsystems core entity ( Activity ) 

when  new records was created into activity, it will invoke that trigger to insert new records into other entity 

Is there anyway to implement something like that on the service studio ?

i thought that i can use process and use the property Launch On on CreateActivity But the dependency  entities is not included there and ONLY your business entities is available for that option . 

Note: i don't need to use DB trigger on BPM_Activity table.


Hi Ahmad,

Hi did you consider to look at the available callbacks on the  BTP process and activity?



Hello Daniel,

my issue is not related to process or activity callbacks, my problem that we can not create BPT process which launch when records created for core entities such as Activity, Process , .....etc 

So i am asking is there any way to create triggers from service studio to solve my issue. !?

Note: I can create DB trigger manually form Database Engine but i don't recommend this solution.


Hi Ahmad,

What are you exactly trying to achieve? Why do you want triggers on system entities?

Hi vin , 

We have created our BPT layer upon outsystems BPT on which we are extending system entities such as Activity, Process, process definition, activity definition... etc 

Our BPT layer will cover some missing features of outsystems BPT such as 

- check in & check out tasks 

- Backend for setup and configuration for process and activity settings such as the recipient user or group , estimate due time for each activity def ... etc  so we can change this setup on runtime using our UI and no need to change in design time .... and other many options 

- log the actions on each activity owner such accept, reject, transfer, return , ... etc 

Outsystems is limited for close activity to go for next step or terminate it and there is no actions registered for workflow routing ... 

- any many other workflow features... 

The need for trigger , we are extending the activity entity and logging some data as mentioned and asking about trigger SO if any routing happened this will register the extension record with my required data and so on. 


This isn't supported, you should make an Idea for this.