Set language on first load with multilingual UI in reactive web

Hi Team

We are using forge component Multilingual UI module in reactive web app. we are unable to change the language of the page without rendering it. Also, we are unable to set the default language before we load the page.

Please help.


Hi Karthik,

Did you already try out the OnApplicationReady System Event?

This action is executed when the application is loading and n be used to to setup the application (e.g. initialize mobile plugins, setting default language in a client variable, etc.).



Hi Karthik,

Were you able to fix your problem? Have you checked out this post? Do you need further help?

Tiago Simões

Same issue here. Previuos tips on this topic didn't work. I keep the locale of the user on a database; because i need to persist that for the users. But the first load show the page in Englise (The app is writeen un english). When I print the "GetLocale()" it show the locale taken from the database, but the screen aren't renderer on that locale. Inside te app there's a combo for language chane and it works fine. A limitation of the component is that a reload of the page is needed after setting the new locale, not a very reactive behaviour, but i can force that. It's the first load a problem i can't solve yet. On the attch. you can see this; the first load, and then change manually.


Hi Roberto,

Have you tried to put the code on the OnInitilize of the screen as explained here?

Another option is to translate the app using the new integrated feature inside Service Studio. You can check how to convert from code using this component to using this new feature here.

Tiago Simões

Still not on the platform version required for that feature.

Tried the OnInitialize w.a., nothing change; the situation remains the same.

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