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Published on 10 Feb (3 weeks ago) by Ricardo Costa
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Published on 10 Feb (3 weeks ago) by Ricardo Costa

Hi everyone, 

I'm doing some tests with the component Ultimate PDF because I need to generate a couple of reports in A4 format with tables and graphics.

For testing purpose, I created a very simple report with a header, body and footer with a simple line of text for each area. Every time I generate the PDF, it takes between 6 and 7 secs.

I did these tests either using my personal account as well my company account. In both, i got similiar performance results.

I'm using the default chromium version.

What i like to understand is if the 6/7 secs is the usual (expected) time for generating a simple PDF reports using Ultimate PDF? If not, can you please tell what you did to optimize the generation time?

I also did some tests with Html2PdfConverter in the same enviroments and I get the PDF in 2/3 sec.

Thanks in advance for your help.



Hi Paulo.

Yes, the performance currently is on the mark of 6/7 seconds per PDF. This is because the chromium browser is launched and killed on every PDF.

It's in my plans to improve this by reusing a single chromium process for multiple PDF requests. However that's not ready yet.

You could stick with Html2PdfConverter if it works for your scenario and you absolutely need the performance.


Hi Paulo,

Ultimate PDF is taking more time to render the PDF rather than Html2PdfConverter. Also, Html2PdfConverter is very userfriendly to use. If you have a time issue you can able to use Html2PdfConverter. It is a better option.

Thank you,


Hello guys.

A new version was published that improves the performance.

Please give it a try and let us know how that went.

Thank you,

Ricardo Costa