[CSVUtil] RFC Violation on CSVUtil
Forge component by Wei Zhu
Published on 28 Sep 2019

Using Outsystems 10 when loading a CSV to a Record List i'm getting this error: 

Only loads 55563 records missing the rest of the file.

Anyone knows the solution?

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CSV use comma as separator and use double quotation as escape character. This means

1. If your data field contain separator or CR/LF, you must escape it with double quotation

  Example: aaa,"b1,b2"

2. If your data field contain double quotation, you must use two double quotations (just like Text value in OutSystems )

  Example: aaa,"b1,"",b2"

The error you mentioned means your data contains only one double quotation

  Example: aaa,"b1,",b2"

So you'd better check your CSV file just after 55563 records.

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I have the same issue, and corrected by formating the line like this:

aaa, "LCD 27"" 4K", bbb

It works, but we get - LCD 27"" 4K - as the value of the second column. I was expecting the extension to revert the "" to ". Do we need to take care of that?