[CSVUtil] RFC Violation on CSVUtil
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Forge component by Wei Zhu

Using Outsystems 10 when loading a CSV to a Record List i'm getting this error: 

Only loads 55563 records missing the rest of the file.

Anyone knows the solution?

CSV use comma as separator and use double quotation as escape character. This means

1. If your data field contain separator or CR/LF, you must escape it with double quotation

  Example: aaa,"b1,b2"

2. If your data field contain double quotation, you must use two double quotations (just like Text value in OutSystems )

  Example: aaa,"b1,"",b2"

The error you mentioned means your data contains only one double quotation

  Example: aaa,"b1,",b2"

So you'd better check your CSV file just after 55563 records.

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I have the same issue, and corrected by formating the line like this:

aaa, "LCD 27"" 4K", bbb

It works, but we get - LCD 27"" 4K - as the value of the second column. I was expecting the extension to revert the "" to ". Do we need to take care of that?


I had try the data you mentioned  and get [LCD 27" 4K] as expected.

It seems there a space before double quotation in your data.
So i guess this is problem, because first character of the field should be double quotation if you need  escape that field,

This was just an example, I don't have any space in my data. I just format like this in the comment for better reading.

I did try your sample just like you did, and it worked just fine, but in our code, we get the "" instead of ". Can you please check that you don't do any replace in your Demo to correct the ".


Please provide the OML and your CSV data.
So i can check what is the problem.


Thanks for you time and support,
Just check and the quotes are correct! Very strange, but prety sure it was something we did.

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