Widget container naming

Widget container naming

container name (div id) keeps on changing? Example:
I created a webblock: headerblock, I then inserted a container, and give it a name: "header"

I then published the eSpace, viewed the html source code, I was expecting the header container div id to be static: "header" or "wtheader". However the header div id published is "wt_CompoundWebwidget18_wtheader" and its different for every page where this headerblock is used.

is there a way to keep the container id's the same across all pages? (id's are referenced in CSS), besides creating an expression.

 Hi Robert,


Yes, you create an unescaped expression, although I would not reccomend for the sake of maintainability.
You can also use the widgets' Id runtime property to get the id (for example if you want to run some javascript or create an unescaped expression with the style).
But for CSS your best option might be to use classes instead of element ids.


Tiago Simões