Look - this should be simple - so I guess I am missing something very basic .. I am new to all this but a very experienced developer - and perhaps I expect too much.

I want a simple drop down box which I have placed on my page.  It needs to be based on a static list I've created in my data section. There is a 'Get' function there .... so far makes sense

BUT there are errors.  I see that the dropdown widget requires:

    > Name; Variable; List; Option Content; Option Text; Option Value; etc ..

I can set up everything EXCEPT the List  - why?

I get 2 errors:

    > The 'GetMyList' be set to the MyList output parameter

    > Can't identify 'MyList' element in expression

So I figure I am doing something wrong or missing a basic concept here.

I've scoured for documentation and examples - not basic enough I suppose.  I've tried many, many things and wasting my time.

When I set the List to the GetMyList function, the error changes to:

    > 'Record List' data type required instead of 'None'

Any suggestions?


You only need to set up two things for the dropdown to work.

1. Create a local variable of type Static entity identifier

2. Right click on the screen and select fetch data from database and Add/Drag and drop your static entity.

3. Add the dropdown widget to screen. Select the variable in variable and for list select the aggregate.

You can check the attached module for reference.


Hi Dale,

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