[Active Directory] Supporting AD "thumbnailPhoto" Attribute

Forge Component
Published on 13 Jan by Renato Pauleta
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Published on 13 Jan by Renato Pauleta

We have been using this plugin to sync changes between our payroll company and AD with a lot of success - so many thanks to a great plugin!  

Active Directory has a User attribute ("thumbnailPhoto") to store a thumbnail portrait photograph of each user.

Has there been any consideration is adding this attribute to the User methods?

(Yes, we can probably update the extension ourselves to do it, but dislike when Forge components get forked for our needs and then having to merge later when Forge updates come along)

Hi Chris,

Sorry for the late reply.

Thank you for your suggestion, I can add the thumbnail to the component. I'll let you know once I have it ready.


Hey Chris,

Latest version includes the GetUserThumbnail you requested. I've taken a bit longer, because I need to test and I didn't have a suitable AD server.

Hope everything works and thanks again for the suggestion.