Creating an extensions

See attachment, this is my first extension created for testing purposes on outsystems platform.

It's very basic, all it does is send an email, (also works with gmail).

The extension works but how do I remove / not use "This_MailMan" object.

VisualStudio 2008 source code, extension and espace files attached.
Issue has been resolved!

Two Questions:
1 - WHY did Outsystems Integration studio add the "object ssThis_MailMan" input parameter when generating the extension from the .NET assembly file?

2 - The output parameter has been implemented into the extension however it does not appear in Outsystems Service studio. (ie can not assign output parameter). what happen?

 Hi Robert,


Congratulations on your first extension.


1 - That object was created precisely because you used .NET introspection and that is the class of the object being introspected. Another option would be to manually design the API and add the code directly to the extension project (without using a separate project and introspection) and you could create a cleaner API.


2 - I'm not sure why you can't access the return string. You might need to debug the extension by attaching the VS project to your IIS process.




Tiago Simões

Hi Tiago

Thanks for the explanation. I got return to work! Also had a look at outsystems generated code and it uses out parameters rather than the "return". I can see why outsystems used out parameter, (ie to simplify returning multiple output values).

This could be avoided and replaced with return - Just thought you might want to know Microsoft design guide says to "avoid using out parameter"

In either case, its not a big problem when used correctly by the developer, -- avoid creating complex methods and you'll be fine.