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Hello. It's my first time to post a question here. I had been working on Movie Database and Booking Assignment through the course provided by OutSystems as a very beginner. I'm now making a Booking Assignment in Reactive web and now have a problem.

My problem is:
When I first get an available room after filling out needed information like Guest name and number of adults etc, the action correctly gets a room which fulfill the condition according to the given information. However the action get a room which is already reserved previously, in other words, it gives me a duplicate room. Therefore an error comes up when I click "Book Room" as follow:

Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.OSUSR_N85_BOOKING' with unique index 'OSIDX_OSUSR_N85_BOOKING_6ROOMID_8STATUSID'. The duplicate key value is (<NULL>, 3). The statement has been terminated.

I tried to figure out the problem through debugger. But it's extremely difficult to solve it with my knowledge.
Could anyone help me? I have attached an oap file.

Thank you for reading it in advance!



The problem has been solved!

How did you solve it, please? I have the same issue. 


Hi Shota,

It will be good if you can share how you solved this problem so that it will help other developers comming to this page while searching for the same issue.

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