I have been undertaking the training in the academy and have completed my first application that I wish to have endorsed. We don't have any other developers in our company. Would anyone be willing to take a look at my project and if suitable endorse it?

Many thanks,
Does this mean the only way I am able to get a project endorsed is to go on a boot camp?

It is a shame the community is not more active. I was rather hoping that at least someone would be able to spend a few minutes to look at my project and let me know if it's acceptable or if more work is needed.

I also notice that in the forums there is no way to tell what level someone is at within the academy.

If you are reading this and you are in a position to be able to endorse a project then I would highly appreciate any feedback you may be able to give. Though without a form of private messaging I understand it does leave any initial communication open to others.
Hi Al:

I just now saw your post and I would like to know more of your progress. If you would like, please send me an email so that we can arrange a meeting.

My email is miguel.baltazar@outsystems.com