https / ssl authentication with client certificate

Hello all,

I have not found anything on this yet:

Is it possible to consume webservices that are available over https / require a client certificate?

Hans de Vries

Hi Hans,


You can take a look into the enhanced web references extension but I believe that to use client certificates you'll need to install them in the server and create an extension to use them. Check this Microsoft knowledge base article on How to call a Web service by using a client certificate for authentication.



Tiago Simões

Hello Tiago,

I played a bit with the enhaced web references extension, but found no way to use certificates.

Looks like I'll have to write an extension for it.
I have used the article below, to communicate with an SSL-webservice, and implemented it as an extension.

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Matthias Preuter
Oxxio Nederland BV
Hello Mathias,

you didn't happen to post that extension to the network, did you? ;)

I see you work at Oxxio - perhaps were trying to talk to the same webservice :)
The Extension i created, is a wrapper around the P4 interface (Batch and Individual) and we are now certified for it, so the P4 Application and Extension is working correct.

But when we started to communicate with the first CTS (webservice endpoint from Regional GridOperator), it didn't work, the extension was not able to start an SSL Communication with the webservice endpoint (running Apache 2.2.x).
As workaround, we now run the extension outside OutSystems and IIS, from a console application.

Maybe others have trouble communicating with SSL and have a solution for this? I think the problem is in the Apache / OpenSSL environment, but we (Oxxio, the GridOperator and an external SSL specialist) didn't find it yet.

Kind regards,

Matthias Preuter
Hmm, sounds like a challenge. I'm looking into communicating with the CSS.

I might do it in .net first, and then convert it to an extension.

This is a nice one for the wish-list also, secure webreferences :)


Hans de Vries
I noticed that Service Center has a configuration section for Certificates, is that for making requests to Web services that need certificates? Or is that for providing Web services to clients who authenticate with certificates? Because I am about to integrate with a third-party solution that uses a certificate for authentication, and I am getting the SSL trust errors in Service Studio (it works fine in my web browser, so I know the certificate is correctly installed), so it seems like Service Studio, at the very least, has problems with this use case. :(