Announcing the launch of the Agile Platform 4.2 for the J2EE stack

Announcing the launch of the Agile Platform 4.2 for the J2EE stack


We’re proud to announce the release of the J2EE version of the Agile Platform 4.2. Our customers who use the J2EE stack can now take advantage of the key enhancements of the Agile Platform 4.2.

Support for Rich Web 2.0 Business Applications

  • Service Studio has been extended with a new set of visual capabilities that encapsulate a RIA framework based on AJAX. This allows for easy and fast design of Web 2.0 applications without having to manipulate JavaScript and complex asynchronous logic.
  • Another major feature is the ability to use Web Block widgets inside other widgets. This improves components reuse; allowing you to build your own widgets and reuse them everywhere.
  • The new Style Guide exercises these features and includes a large set of rich UI patterns ready for you to use to address your specific needs. This new Style Guide is bundled with the Agile Platform 4.2.

Improved Application Deployment Process

  • 1-Click Publishing of Solutions is now even faster with improvements in processing time and a reduction in memory consumption.
  • Language translations are more effective as Service Studio keeps track of what has already been translated. This reduces the amount of information the translator has to deal with.
  • The TrueChange™ engine has been extended to enhance the robustness of application data by introducing Static Entities in Service Studio. This enhancement removes the need to manually validate the consistency of business logic and static data, further simplifying the staging procedures.

Improved Performance and Scalability

  • Greater control of logging activity with the ability to turn on or off logs at selective points and stages of web applications execution, via Selective Logging.
  • Extended performance and error monitoring of custom calls to external systems through built-in logging of Extensions.


Updated Technology Stack

  • Support for 64-bits stacks to take advantage of 64-bit operating systems.
  • JDK 6 is now the underlying technology for the Agile Platform and your applications will take advantage of its improved performance. Also you’ll be able to leverage its full power when coding your own extensions.
  • The Application Server has also been updated and is now JBoss 5 which also features a number of performance optimizations and improved stability

Download it here.