Assign two or more employee to a case

Currently developing a web application in Outsystems Service Studio 10.
I was wondering how to assign multiple employee to a case. I am currently assigning them to one by one using a popup layout with a combo box.

Hi Michael,

You could have a Table, a combo box, an Add button and a Save button inside your popup.

Your combo box would show Employees, and every time the user presses the Add button, you'd add the selected Employee to the Table. When the user is done adding Employees to a Case, you'd press Save and cycle through the Table List to assign the selected Employees.

You might also need to change your Entities depending on your data model. If you can share more details of your current implementation, everyone can offer more specific advice.

This is currently the method that I am using and is reflected on a table in the cases details, adding them one by one. I attached the entities diagram for illustration.

You already have a many-to-many example in the CaseCustomer Entity - you could create a CaseEmployee Entity and use it to replace the CaseId foreign key in the Employee Entity. This would allow you to associate multiple Employees to multiple Cases.

You could adapt your popup and add a Table that shows the results of this CaseEmployee Entity, filtered by the CaseId that you're editing. Then you could add lines to it with your dropdown.

Hi Michael,

Why don't you use list record to show the list of employees with check box against each employee, rather than combo box?

In this way you can select multiple employees and then on save button, use foreach loop, and assign case to all the selected employees.

Check out the attached oml. I have shared a small example to remove multiple employees using foreach loop. You can use it to assign case.

Hope it helps