Changes to the Academy - We've listened to your feedback!

Since we’ve launched the new Agile Academy back in August, we have been receiving lots of positive feedback about how much cooler it is.


On the other hand, we sometimes get the question “I just got endorsed but I haven’t progressed in my certification. What’s happening?”. We concluded that the key reason was that the separation between endorsements and recommendations was not clear enough.


We therefore decided to make some tweaks on how can you obtain recommendations and endorsements.


Before we proceed rest assured that no change is being made to what you have right now: you will keep every certification, project and endorsement you currently have in your curriculum.

Recommendations vs. Endorsements

Up until now recommendations were pretty much “hidden”. When sending out a request for endorsement you could be getting a recommendation (that would only show up in your curriculum) or both a recommendation and an endorsement (which would also be used for your certification).


We realized that this didn’t make much sense and decided to split them. You can still create projects in your Curriculum and ask for Recommendations on them but that will no longer have direct impact on your certification.

Endorsements are for Certification purposes

Endorsements now serve the single purpose of having an experienced peer confirm your expertise in the certification level to which you are applying. Now you only need to ask for an Endorsement when you feel that you are ready to move to the next stage, instead of every time you finish a project.


When someone answers an Endorsement request, the full knowledge the endorser has of your work should be used and not just the performance in a specific project.


In order to allow you to always know how you will be evaluated, we have made every question endorsers are asked public. This document also clarifies what is a Positive Endorsement (i.e. an Endorsement where all questions have the answer “Yes”).


We hope that you find these changes useful. Don’t hesitate to post here any question or comment you may have.