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Published on 3 Aug (9 days ago) by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 3 Aug (9 days ago) by OutSystems R&D

Hi R&D team,

Our current system is using DataGrid. And some screens are quite complicated so I use quite a lot of Hidden Columns to process data. And I have the following problems:

- Can copy and paste hidden columns.

- Can export hidden columns.

- Right click on header, [columns frozen] are incorrect.

- In frame work, where [columns.visibleLength] is used incorrectly.

For example there are 20 columns, hiding 10 alternating columns,

and [copy selected row], the result when pasting out only 5 first columns + 5 hidden columns.

It should be 10 non-hidden columns.

- Also when [copy with header], the column name is not copied but the logical name of the column is copied.

(eg logical name: StudentID, physical name: ?? ? ? ?

I want to copy the column name as ?? ? ? ? rather than StudentID.

                          var _name = gObj.grid.columns [c] .binding; => Not Good

It should be       var _name = gObj.grid.columns [c] .header)

I have fixed it in my system, hope R&D team improve on the next version.

Thanks & Best Regards!

Hi Dong,

Although your findings are correct but keep in mind here you are using the hidden columns. Hidden columns are the same html element with visibility false. This means the element along with values are part of UI. So, copying, exporting, pasting will have the hidden columns as well.

It would be nicer if you restrict the columns to frontend, that will solve the most of issues you mentioned.

Hi Swatantra,

Thanks for your answer.

For example, when I need to process real-time data for 1 column, I need 3 hidden columns to process the data for that column before saving to the DB.

I am wondering what is the meaning of hidden column? Not logically but in terms of practical significance.

When has [hidden columns], incorrect column handling? why?

Why did [Copy with header] copy [column.binding], not [column.header]?

Thanks & Best Regards!


Has been fixed at Data Grid version 2.1.7

Thanks R&D Team.