single save action for 3 forms together.

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I have 3 forms in single page where the data filled in each form will be saved in different entity. I want to save all the details filled in all the 3 forms with single button/action. Can you please let me know how this can be achieved? 


Ankita Kulkarni

Hi Ankita,

Why not put everything on a single form ?

Hi Ankita,

You can save it with three CreateOrUpdate for every one of the entities and assign them the respective forms as inputs.

Don't forget to maintain (or, if you don't have it) the form validations for better data control:

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You can use the CRUD actions (CreateOrUpdate or Create or Update, depending on what you want) you must have created in your CS (Core Service) module in the same save action as the button. If there is any dependency between them, put these actions in the right sequence and everything will be recorded in the same save action. In this same action, you can also do some form validation, and if there are inconsistencies with an IF you can send a feedback message to the user.

This is just an example.

Nuno Verdasca