Hi everytime i have no warnings when i compile my mobile aplication, but when i try to generate the .apk i always get this error, 

is there someone who can help me solving this error?

Hello Luis!

Through this screenshot I can only see that the error is related to plugin background-geolocation you are using in your application.
This could be caused by some incorrect plugin configuration.
I recommend you go to the plugin page and check if there is already a similar solution or tip for your problem.
If you want, put here the plugin page so I can help you more.

Hey Luis,

That is most likely because that plugin is outdated check this one:


Hi Luis,
In order to understand what is the issue, you should go to: ServiceCenter -> Factory -> your APP -> in TAB "Native Platforms" -> then you should be able to see a build log, download it and open it. Inside will tell you the issue.

probably as Luis Almeida said, it should be outdated. However you can solve from there.

with best regards,
Slavi Popov