Passing a Search data from web block to page in other module and then display data

Hi All,

I have a Search module where I have a web block with search functionalities. Now I need to pass the searching criteria to a page in another Candidate module to display data based on that. In Search web block I am having different web blocks for search like client search , candidate search that are itself a web block.

Now I am passing the search criteria with an event (the event is having a mandatory input parameter) to search web block where there is a candidate search action is there as event handler.

Now when I bring this search web block to the candidate module ... I need the the search parameter, based on that I will be filtering the data.

I am doing all these things but still not getting the results based on search criteria... Can anyone tell if I am doing something wrong...

Hello Suprio.

Let's see this in parts.

You have the search box web block where you write text. This WB has an event that sends the parameter up.

The parent page/WB needs an action to handle the event and get the variable. That action must send the parameter to the other WBs so they can refresh.

And the WB needs to have refresh capability.

I attached a simple event where one WB sends a parameter to the parent that uses it in two other web blocks. is this want you were trying to do?